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Interactive Boards

Dukane Air Slate AS3 $500.00

Key Features

  • Precise and lightweight cordless pen provides all the necessary mouse functions
  • Live annotation over presentations, programs, documents, and web pages
  • Clip art library and backgrounds combined with instructional software program
  • Software to easily capture or expand your ideas
  • Applicable to all Microsoft Office programs including Powerpoint, Excel, and Word
  • Sixteen Macro Keys
  • One year warranty
  • Runs on Windows and MAC

Key Features

  • 12 permanent keys on the board for quick access to Annotation, Images, and Presentation Tools
  • Simple method for modifying the annotation pen color or size, and the eraser width
  • Intuitive screen capture, viewing and retrieval methods
  • Virtual WhiteBoard software to quickly capture and retrieve written ideas
  • Durable hard formica surface
  • Includes EasiTeach starter interactive software
  • Special matte finish for superior image quality

Dukane LeaderBoard 77H   $1,500.00

ConVA voting system  $1,950.00 for a set of 32 voting devices

  • Key Features
    • Full featured LCD panel displays status, questions, possible answers, correctness (optional) and other individualized feedback to the student.
    • One button (A through E) multiple choice responses.
    • Enter key for multi-key responses.
    • ? Key to alert Teacher (and other functions)
    • Stay connected with remote status reports of signal strength and battery life (2 AA).
    • LCD prompts for Soft Keys functions allowing highly flexible and clear interaction.
    • One button True / False responses
    • “Telephone style” keypad for numeric (arithmetic) responses
    • Power ON / Off (hold)
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