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Custom Laser Engraving

Do you need a unique gift for a wedding or birthday? Would you like something unusual to commemorate a birthday or special event? We can custom engrave photos and text on wood, glass or metal.  Also great for theft protection!

Below are sample items.  Many more examples are on our Facebook page.  Feel free to browse the Laser Engraving photo album on Facebook and contact us for pricing.

Award Plaque

Personalized Stainless Steel water bottles

Personalized casserole dish

Pet memorial on a granite tile

Engraving on a white plaque with black borders.

Itís hard to see, but this is a wedding invitation on a mirror.

Personalzed Wine glass

Engraving on an Alder wood photo frame with color added.

Engraving on a two-toned Alder wood plaque (Mississippi Design compliments of Snapshot Publishing)

Photo on wood plank

Engraving on a white plaque.

Photo engraving on painted wood

Engraving on a reclaimed slate roof tile from First Baptist Church, Jackson, MS.

Mississippi Christmas ornament

Logo on a vase

Wedding photo on wood

Wedding photo on painted wood

Hand-written note on black glass

Monogram on a mirror

Hand-written recipe on a wooden cutting board

Leatherette Flask

Engraving on painted canvas

Engraved Multi-too

Foam visors

Wooden mirror

Bamboo cutting board

Personalized laptop cover

Hunting photo on wood log

Wooden Business Cards

Glass vase

Personalized glass

Glass Wedding Flutes

Glass Block with Lights

Personalized Yeti Tumblers

Engraving on painted canvas

Wedding invitation on a mirror

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